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may contain language

- also possibly other things

8 July 1980
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The name of this blog is "may contain language". One of the main reasons I created it is probably that once I thought of the name I thought it was such a good name I had to create a blog to be called by it. One of the reasons I like the name is that it is more or less maximally non-committal. Which is good, as I may not in the end have the time or energy to make that many posts. Right now, I don't think I really have the time to make this "bio" any longer, so please feel free to proceed to reading those posts I may or may not have made already. (Well, I suppose you'll find it easier to read those I have made, but if you somehow can read posts I haven't made - in a legal and morally acceptable manner - by all means go ahead.)

Edit: Oh, and I do requests, and post once a week.
Edit 2, of Oct 12 2008: ...alternating between Swedish and English.